WebVR @ IIUC — January 27, 2017


Greetings Mozillians from around the world!

After a minor absent from blogging, I emerge myself to tell all of you about a fruitful event occurred on 20th January 2017. As we know, ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ have already formed web-based virtual reality event in Dhaka and wanted to spread this new technology to other district. So, the second event authorized in the largest of the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh; Chittagong. With the help of ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ community, IEEE WIE AG and Computer Club – IIUC together organized an introductory seminar on WebVR at Islamic International University, Chittagong(IICU). Cool fact was seminar specially organized for female students and maximum of them were pretty much enthusiast about webVR.

The seminar started by reciting a part from Holy Al-Quran and Then Mrs. Shahnaj Parvin – The Honorable Faculty of Computer Science Department of IIUC gave a basic concept about VR technology. She thanked ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ community to take such an initiatives and then requested to start the seminar. The seminar was full of technical information with hands-on examples and demos. Salman Rahman Desh cover up the whole concept of ‘a-frame’ – a web framework for building virtual reality experience, how to use it, all the basic primitives, entity-component system, basic concept about metaverse, browser supported for webVR, about suitable VR-Box and controllers to use and so no. He highlighted to get basic knowledge on HTML, JavaScript and Computer Graphics for better understanding and for better productivity.

After his session I added two more primitives which can display 360 degree images and videos. Then I step-by-step showed the usability of primitives, component and by the help of ‘A-Frame Inspector’ through a project which I’ve been working on.

After that, senior Mozillian and the Honorable Lecturer of IIUC, Md Eftekhar Alam also took session about Mozilla’s mission and vision, his past involvement and activities of Chittagong Mozillians and finally a clear cut idea about contributing to Mozilla. After taking all the sessions, Mrs. Shahnaj Parvin mam gave three phenomenal students(‘Kazi Rifah Noor’, ‘Akefar Islam’ & ‘Jannatul Naim Riva’) for their admirable support and their hard-work for organizing this event. At the end of the event, participants experienced virtual environment through VB Box. We also had 10-minutes Q&A where most of them had questions on how to make dynamic projects, how to make it more interactive and so on.

A huge round of applause to the honorable Faculties and Students of  International Islamic University – Chittagong as well as the members of IEEE IIUC Student Branch WIE Affinity Group and Computer Club – IIUC. And not to forget Mohammad Naim Uddin, he truly support on logistics. From my experience, girls from IIUC showed more enthusiasm than any other varsities on this technical topic(cheers to that!). They have the potential to use it for their own developments. It’s a pleasure to met such eccentric students and I pray that they adopt webVR through self-study.

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Event Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHskMqHcCb

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