Privacy Talk @ AIUB — February 6, 2016

Privacy Talk @ AIUB

Let’s assume you are online and you provide information about yourself almost every step of the way. This information may need to give when completing a survey, performing transaction procedures, online shopping or even it may concede as social status. Weeks later, some online advertises will pop-up to your screen showing you some brands, facilities, accessories based on your habits and interests. Now how the hell they know about your habits? Isn’t a bit creepy to think that they somehow watching you? Personal data collection is the key commodity. You are no longer an individual. You are a data cluster bound to a vast global network. When you add your personal information(intentionally or unintentionally) , you are leaving a ‘data trail’ which somehow helps the advertisers and third-party providers to detect your personality. For that your online activities may compromise your privacy. If I think about worst case scenario, your given data could be turn against you, not just self products but the influence your worldview.


Privacy is the main concern for everyone specially the users of the web. To be a proactive about your privacy and build awareness to people, Mozilla Bangladesh also celebrated International Data Privacy Day by organizing Privacy Week which is inspired by Mozilla India’s January Privacy Month Campaign! On that week, many universities(in Dhaka and outside Dhaka) organize a small event to talk about privacy to the fellow students. Based on the criteria of the privacy week, Firefox at AIUB also organize a privacy awareness event named ‘Privacy Talk @ AIUB’.


The event was held on 4 February, 2016 at American International University-Bangladesh. The objective of this event is to give awareness about online privacy, how to detect which website’s tracking, how to get extra precautions and to spread this awareness to their friends and family.
The event starts with a small introduction to Mozilla and its missions. Then Asif Raihan start-off the privacy talk. He shared his personal experience regarding ‘online profiling’, ‘data trail’ and how a Facebook account hack because of unconcerned activities. He shared a true story about a girl who unintentionally leave her Facebook account logged in and an anonymous student took the advantage of it. Later on, Tanvir Ahmed also share his story about a fake Facebook like page which was taking people’s personal data through a form by announcing false offers.

24815442405_3a51b77b2a_k24447819969_f18882cdd9_k24721911331_bf1916d70f_k24697563912_e176d7d44a_kAfter that, I showed lightbeam, an add-on for Firefox that displays third party tracking cookies placed on the user’s computer while visiting various websites. I point out the whole details on how to use it and how to block site with lightbeam. Also encouraged them to browse with Private Browser.

24519831580_a6c777b0e0_kThen, Asif Raihan divided all attendees into four groups to brainstorm and found out the major problems regarding privacy. Two members from each of the groups presented their ideas.

At the end of the event, Anisur Rahman and Salman Rahman Desh coached participators to support privacy week via Privacy Week Avatar and build awareness to their friends and relatives.

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MozCoffee Dhaka MeetUp 2016 — January 30, 2016

MozCoffee Dhaka MeetUp 2016

MozCoffee – a beacon for introducing the community to the interested contributors and share the ideas, learnings and upcoming plans for the current year. Also it’s the best way to recruit more mozillians and FSAs. Unlike past years, it’s mainly organized at the end of global events(MozFest, MozLando & MozSummit). This year we’ve organised MozCoffee Dhaka 2016 in a very different way unlike other MozCoffee. The objectives of this event is to assign active contributors to different pathways, leaders to accomplish a specific goal within six months.


Phase 1: The Selection

This year’s MozCoffee Dhaka MeetUp 2016 was organized by Anisur Rahman. As the idea was to create new leaders, He selected eleven FSAs from different Firefox Clubs. They are…

Meraj Kazi – DIIT Firefox Club
Nazir Ahmed Sabbir – DIU Firefox Club
Raiyad Raad – NSU Firefox Community
Saddam Hossain – Firefox @ EU
Razoana Sultana – SEU Firefox Club
Ehsanul Hassan – Firefox @ EWU
Sayed Ibn Masud – NSU Firefox Community
Sazzad Swadhin – Firefox @ PAU
Saudur Rahman – Firefox @ EU
Asif Mahmud Shuvo – DIU Firefox Club
Abdullah Umar Nasib – BRACU Firefox Club

This team was created only to mentor them the whole process of organizing an inter-community meetup type event starting from very first planning till the execution of the whole agendas so that everyone of this team can successfully have similar events on their respective clubs or campuses which will have great impact engaging more energetic faces like them.

Phase 2: Introduction

After the selection, we created a new group named “MozCoffee Dhaka Organizing Team”. With Anisur Rahman, me and Asif Raihan were set to mentor the selected FSAs and also Mahay Alam Khan(Mak vai) and Belayet Hossain acted as annotator of this team. On our first online meeting via Facebook chat(we couldn’t done on Hangout for technical difficulties), Mak vai introduced everyone to each other and made a motivational speech which was very helpful to focus our goals. On this online meeting, huge response and eagerness for contribution came from the team. At the end of it, Anisur Rahman then scheduled the next meetings to teach the methods for organizing events.

Phase 3: Meetings & Mentoring

We conducted three to four meetings till the end of the event date. Anisur Rahman mentored everyone how to perform a inter-community communication with different channels, we use and how to prepare an event budget if we are not a Rep and asking a Rep to support us with resources. He also shared his personal experiences and some tips and tricks to hold a successful event.

Screenshot from 2016-01-24 22:52:41
A screenshot of the meeting



Phase 4: The Event

On 29th January 2016, MozCoffee Dhaka MeetUp 2016 was held in NewsCred Dhaka. Around fifty FSAs and active contributors have joined the program from thirteen different Firefox Clubs and all over the city. The main objective of this meetup was to create a future plan for Mozilla Bangladesh which is planned for six months time. The meetup begins in mentioned time.


The event starts with a talk about the Privacy Week and upcoming Campus Campaign with the FSAs which were taken by Salman Rahman Desh and S Muhammad Mohi-Us Sunnat. It starts with introducing participates which was an ice-breaking session.

Campus Campaign Session

Then they divided them into seven groups with 4-5 members to share ideas about #PrivacyWeek. They wrote down their ideas and presented to all.

Screenshot from 2016-01-30 14:02:30
#PrivacyWeek Session

After that, Anisur Rahman started the main event by showing the agendas. He present the methods of mapping the future plan for every functional team. Here, we were focusing on nine functional areas dividing into nine separate groups.

Anisur Rahman hosting the meetup

In the meantime,  Mahay Alam Khan took the stage and share the experience along with Hossain Al Ikram and Asma Swapna about Leadership Summit 2016 which was held in Singapore. He shared about the plans and goals of this year and what he has learned from the Summit. Also He and Belayet Hossain brought some hardware and drone and had some small fun sessions for refreshment.

Mahay Alam Khan sharing his experience about Leadership Summit 2016

After that, He told us to create 9 groups for 9 functional pathways and prepare the goals for the next 6 months. The functional pathways are FSA, Firefox OS, QA, L10n, MLS, WebDevs, MDN, SuMo, Tech Speakers and Finally MozGirls.

Tech Speakers
FSA and Firefox OS

On that time, everyone got busy about making plans for next 6 months. Each of the sectors planned around 4 to 5 Key points and assigned each of the exacting contributors. After half an hour, all plans were prepared. Anisur Rahman request to document the whole plan on etherpad(we’ll share it later).

Nine active groups for nine functional pathways

At the end of the meetup, we had a fun session about who is Consciously skilled, Consciously unskilled, Unconsciously skilled and Unconsciously unskilled. Then we pledge ourselves to help any non-techy persons on technical issues instead of humiliating them for simple problems.

During the Fun Session
Everyone is Consciously Unskilled

After all the sessions, we took a group photos and end it with a new contribution goal.

Group Selfie!!!

With no doubt, I’ve learned a lot of things in this meetup such as Teamwork, Planning, Brainstorming, Organizing Skills, Assigning into a new task, Build new ideas. This was a great experience to meet many Mozillians after a long time.

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