MozCoffee at AIUB 2K16 — October 9, 2016

MozCoffee at AIUB 2K16

Unlike every year, researchers continuously bringing new concepts, tools, features that with no doubt making the web more open & transparent and also building the Firefox browser more accessible. Among many projects, some of them unable to reach their true potential. On the other hand, ‘Electrolysis’, ‘Widevine support’, ‘Narrator’ shows much promising result which helps in gaining serious speed and reliability. Although it’s not official, but I do believe ‘Servo Engine’, ‘Rust’, ‘WebVR’, ‘L20n’, web compatibility etc may show its up-and-coming breakthrough in upcoming year. And as for the contributors, our major responsibility is to be a part in it. In Bangladesh, many contributors mostly step-back on major pathways for the lack of proper guidance. Sometimes, they quit addressing that it’s a total waste of time and move on. By seeing all the facts, new recruitment through MozCoffee were organized pointing only one objective which is engage newcomers into their desire pathways, pathway which is suitable for their interest.

On 4th October 2015, ‘Firefox at AIUB’ met with 25 participants in Galesia Hotel & Resort ltd. for introducing & inspiring the newcomers to engage in different pathways of Mozilla. On this day, formal club lead, Asif Raihan step-down from his post and announced my name(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) as a new club lead with Co-Club Lead, Mahbub Alam Papun and Club Lead Peer, Nazmus Shakib Robin with 5 more members on separate position(such as Logistic, Social Awareness and Diversity) hoping for an effective functional team for upcoming months.

As I said before, this event was full on new recruitment and proper induction on different pathways. Contributors from ‘Firefox at AIUB’ took sessions on manifesto, latest updates on mozGirls, Mozilla QA, Sumo, Tech Speakers, how to step into Rust, Code contributions, updates on l10n and so on. You will find full details here.

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