Bugathon — May 27, 2016


Quality Assurance – the activity of checking goods or services to make sure that they are good. It is an activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure that the product is defect free. If I only describe against software development perspective, it is an equal influential topic side by side with ‘Front End’, ‘Back End’, UI/UX Designing and so on. It is needed to enable success, to attain the excellence required to go to that new, next level of management. Over a year, ‘Mozilla QA Bangladesh’ community has prominent to other communities around the world by watching bugs coming to different components and by helping Firefox Engineers to get them into shape. Thanks to Hossain Al Ikram to take such initiative to base its popularity among undergraduate students in Bangladesh.

A year earlier, we were all Rookies!! We don’t even know the terms such as ‘Test Cases’, ‘Manual Testing’, ‘Automation Testing’ and so on we haven’t met yet. Bit-by-bit we learn how to file bugs, verify bug files, do test cases, about bug life cycle. We also came to learn about some of the first-rate features which makes the usability of Firefox browser so comfortable. And through so many contributions, our community got bigger. On this ONE year, I met with many dedicated and enthusiast people who want to help pushing Firefox and Open Web forward. This past year, Community arranged a great number of events on various universities to teach and aware about Firefox QE. But the last event was a special kind for the contributors who engaged with Mozilla QA from the beginning.

You might wonder what ‘Bugathon’ or ‘Bug Marathon’ means? From my point of view, it’s a get-together for QA enthusiasts and contributors to meet each other in person, learn new tricks, acknowledge with past and upcoming activities and sharing some recommended faces as a recognition of their recent hard work. The event was held for two days at Independent University Bangladesh(IUB).


The first day of the event starts 20th May 2016 at IUB auditorium. Day 1 was all about learning previous and new tricks. Hossain Al Ikram starts the introductory part by welcoming all participants and contributors. Then one-by-one, mentors of Mozilla QA Bangladesh presented topics like how to open a new profile, how to do test cases, Firefox release channels, Bug Life cycle, Bugzilla and BTS, Build downloading, importance of creating new profiles for testing and finally talked about Bugs. As a mentor, I described various Firefox channels, their development time period and purposes of those channels. After all the sessions, participants and contributors got a clear knowledge about all of it. They got a clear concept about STR, AR and ER. And also about reproducing bugs on nightly, on other Firefox channels and in competing browser before filing a bug. More effective part was active contributors and mentors showed verification by reproducing on reported and latest builds. And then Day 1 ended with a group photo.



During my presentation, one of the contributor Saddam Hossain videoed it. I couldn’t help myself sharing here. 🙂


Second day begins with cyclone ‘Roanu’, but it didn’t stop all participants to attend the event. Day begins with a community call with Mike Hoye, the engineering community manager of Firefox. He was very pleased to see a bunch of anxious participators who want to help Firefox browser better. Mike Hoye thanked the community for such a dedication. Also he told a sneak peak about the new program called ‘Test Pilot’ and invite to give feedback on three new features.


After that, a detailed description of Bugzilla like user story, attachments, QA whiteboard were presented. Also showed the value of target milestone, tracking flags, description of components, version and platform. After the end of all sessions, it was time of recognition and fun session!

Second Day was fully focused on recognition of contributors who contributed on past months. I have seen the joyous reactions of contributors when they recognized with swags. The lines of swag will always be inspirational among contributors. It says like this:
“This isn’t your average piece of company gear. Just like us, it’s different by design. It says that you support our efforts to put the power of the Web in people’s hands and shape it for the good of users everywhere. Wear it, use it or display it proudly”

Everyone had their moments with photo-frame


selfies with their buddies
IMG_20160527_060931and of course, group photos. 13236078_1105570956153122_55981062_n

‘Bug Marathon Dhaka’ truly a special kind of event for QA contributors. Continuous community calls were arranged before the event to make it more successful and effective.


Meraj Kazi and Asif Mahmud Shuvo really showed their effort by making photo-frame and placards.


Rezaul Huque Nayeem, Raahim UL Islam Rift, Ehsanul Hassan, Towkir Ahmed – these guys committed their full support on logistics and designing.

So I thanked the organization team for their tough grind to make it a memorable days. And by default, special thanks to Hossain Al Ikram for making this event fruitful.

Introduction to Feature Testing at AIUB — April 9, 2016

Introduction to Feature Testing at AIUB

‘Feature Testing’- which is a test set for testing new or existing feature of the product is consider as an onset process to step into ‘Mozilla QA’ platform. Students who show enthusiasm in QA platform usually begin their journey as a QA contributor through feature testing. So to present its continuation to the students of our university, fellow Mozillians and FSAs of ‘Firefox at AIUB‘ organized an introductory workshop which is a followup event of ‘Introduction to QA‘.

25689113453_6a4500c493_kThe event was held on 7th April 2016 at ‘American International University – Bangladesh’ as I(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) along with Asif Raihan and Anisur Rahman was host of this event. The event starts with demonstration of what actually ‘feature testing’ is and why it is important? Then participants introduce to some major features of Firefox browser. Then they grasp step-by-step procedures of downloading latest channels from Firefox archive, creating clean profile for testing, understand test cases and how to reproduce those steps and most important, it a test case fails then how to file it on Bugzilla. ‘A to Z of QA’ and ‘Bug Writing Guidelines’ were also provided as additional resource so they can understand it properly.

25687418294_a51c0b4271_kAfter that, all participant perform workshop on ‘Unified Autocomplete’ which was an easy and understandable for beginner. The event got more recreational when Mahbub Alam Papun and Asif Raihan accompany participants with fun session.



Outcome and feedback from participants showed positive. Many of them showed interest to contribute in ‘Mozilla QA’. From this workshop, they will surely participate on upcoming future testdays.

Flickr link: https://flic.kr/s/aHskxRWrKh

Introduction to QA at AIUB — February 13, 2016

Introduction to QA at AIUB

On 11th February 2016, FSA members of ‘Firefox at AIUB’ club organized an introductory event about Quality Assurance which is now a very popular platform for contributing. In developing products and services, Quality Assurance is any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements. Last year, many QA events and contributor mentoring days happened on several universities and gain popularity by recruiting contributors from those universities. As a result, we also want to spread the popularity among enthusiasts from our university. The event was to create an awareness and start the hype. Main objective of this event was to introduce A-Z of contribution in QA and get more contributors among interested.


The event starts early in the auditorium. I(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) started the event with the introduction of QA and its importance on IT sector. But first, I took a brief discussion on Mozilla’s Missions and how to check updates via mailing list. On the QA session, I overdone the whole steps with the help of slide presentation. Index of QA session were…

* Definition of Bugs
* Intro to QA
* How to file a Bug
* Bug Life Cycle
* Firefox Release Channels
* Triaging and Verification
* Intro to One & Done
* Intro to Moztrap

Here’s the link of slide presentation: http://goo.gl/C3Q0xQ


Meanwhile in the middle of my session breaks, Asif Raihan, Salman Rahman Desh and Anisur Rahman took ice-breaking sessions for recreation. Also Salman presented some intro session like

* Intro to Firefox Student Ambassador
* Debut to Tech Speakers
* My experience as a Mozillian
* Latest Updates of Mozilla’s new goal

Anisur Rahman also took a brief session about MDN and how to contribute here. At the end of my session, Nazmus Sakib Robin‘s inspirational speech and Asma Swapna‘s experience on Leadership Summit took the spotlight of the event.


On the feedback session, many of the participants raise their hands to contribute to QA platform. At a result, we announce a workshop on QA with enthusiasts on the next month. They also participate in Q&A sessions where they ask about IoT, web development, SuMo and so on.

You can find the event pictures here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskqTa1hq

My Experience as a Firefox Student Ambassador — August 20, 2015

My Experience as a Firefox Student Ambassador

Hello World! I’m Khalid Syfullah Zaman, a mozillian and a FSA for a year. I was first introduce Firefox Student Ambassador through Salman Rahman Desh and then Ratul Minhaz fully describe the definition of it. From there I learned that FSA or Firefox Student Ambassador are those who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about many benefits of Firefox & other Mozilla products. These students are motivated to grow the Mozilla community and eager to educate others about Mozilla’s objectives.

Then I attend to Mozilla Contribution Day which was arranged at my university and from there I got introduce Mozilla through Mozilla Story. From there, I got the idea of mozilla’s mission and web literacy. Then they told mozilla’s various products and projects. I started contributing on webmaker and MDN, but mostly on webmaker.


Webmaker Profile: https://webmaker.org/user/khalid32

MDN Profile: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/profiles/khalid32

Then I attended on Firefox OS App day which was the first App day in Bangladesh and there I created an app called “Jukebox”(later I changed the name to “Luminody”)


Here is my app on Marketplace:goo.gl/ax8R4I

Then I was in the organizing team of AIUB maker party 2014 which was the biggest maker party in Bangladesh. And I got my FSA maker party badge and it was my first badge.


FSA maker party badge: goo.gl/q7mXMl

I contribute to Digital World 2015 from Mozilla Foundation to showcase Mozilla’s projects and products.

I also got MDN starter badge for contributing on MDN and recently received Firefox Student Ambassador badge.

MDN starter badge: goo.gl/XLWqIY

Firefox Student Ambassador Badge: goo.gl/wq30al

Now I recently contributing on QMO and webmaker app for android.

webmaker project: goo.gl/XJRB44

By contributing as a member of Mozilla Bangladesh community and a Firefox Student Ambassador, I experienced a lot. It encourages me to write blogs about events, made me creative by creating content via webmaker, grasped the procedures of making application for Firefox OS, showed the working process of quality assurance and how to report bugs in bugzilla and mostly it coached me to be commutative and to make friends. So I personally thanks to those people who support my contribution and give me the opportunity to subsidize on other pathways.

Finally I would like to add that, Once a Mozillian, always a Mozillian and I’m proud to be an active Mozillian.

Mahbub Alam Papun

Home-keeping youth have ever homely wits


ছোট গল্প, কবিতা


Salman Rahman Desh