MozCoffee at AIUB 2K16 — October 9, 2016

MozCoffee at AIUB 2K16

Unlike every year, researchers continuously bringing new concepts, tools, features that with no doubt making the web more open & transparent and also building the Firefox browser more accessible. Among many projects, some of them unable to reach their true potential. On the other hand, ‘Electrolysis’, ‘Widevine support’, ‘Narrator’ shows much promising result which helps in gaining serious speed and reliability. Although it’s not official, but I do believe ‘Servo Engine’, ‘Rust’, ‘WebVR’, ‘L20n’, web compatibility etc may show its up-and-coming breakthrough in upcoming year. And as for the contributors, our major responsibility is to be a part in it. In Bangladesh, many contributors mostly step-back on major pathways for the lack of proper guidance. Sometimes, they quit addressing that it’s a total waste of time and move on. By seeing all the facts, new recruitment through MozCoffee were organized pointing only one objective which is engage newcomers into their desire pathways, pathway which is suitable for their interest.

On 4th October 2015, ‘Firefox at AIUB’ met with 25 participants in Galesia Hotel & Resort ltd. for introducing & inspiring the newcomers to engage in different pathways of Mozilla. On this day, formal club lead, Asif Raihan step-down from his post and announced my name(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) as a new club lead with Co-Club Lead, Mahbub Alam Papun and Club Lead Peer, Nazmus Shakib Robin with 5 more members on separate position(such as Logistic, Social Awareness and Diversity) hoping for an effective functional team for upcoming months.

As I said before, this event was full on new recruitment and proper induction on different pathways. Contributors from ‘Firefox at AIUB’ took sessions on manifesto, latest updates on mozGirls, Mozilla QA, Sumo, Tech Speakers, how to step into Rust, Code contributions, updates on l10n and so on. You will find full details here.

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Introduction to Feature Testing at AIUB — April 9, 2016

Introduction to Feature Testing at AIUB

‘Feature Testing’- which is a test set for testing new or existing feature of the product is consider as an onset process to step into ‘Mozilla QA’ platform. Students who show enthusiasm in QA platform usually begin their journey as a QA contributor through feature testing. So to present its continuation to the students of our university, fellow Mozillians and FSAs of ‘Firefox at AIUB‘ organized an introductory workshop which is a followup event of ‘Introduction to QA‘.

25689113453_6a4500c493_kThe event was held on 7th April 2016 at ‘American International University – Bangladesh’ as I(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) along with Asif Raihan and Anisur Rahman was host of this event. The event starts with demonstration of what actually ‘feature testing’ is and why it is important? Then participants introduce to some major features of Firefox browser. Then they grasp step-by-step procedures of downloading latest channels from Firefox archive, creating clean profile for testing, understand test cases and how to reproduce those steps and most important, it a test case fails then how to file it on Bugzilla. ‘A to Z of QA’ and ‘Bug Writing Guidelines’ were also provided as additional resource so they can understand it properly.

25687418294_a51c0b4271_kAfter that, all participant perform workshop on ‘Unified Autocomplete’ which was an easy and understandable for beginner. The event got more recreational when Mahbub Alam Papun and Asif Raihan accompany participants with fun session.



Outcome and feedback from participants showed positive. Many of them showed interest to contribute in ‘Mozilla QA’. From this workshop, they will surely participate on upcoming future testdays.

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Introduction to QA at AIUB — February 13, 2016

Introduction to QA at AIUB

On 11th February 2016, FSA members of ‘Firefox at AIUB’ club organized an introductory event about Quality Assurance which is now a very popular platform for contributing. In developing products and services, Quality Assurance is any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements. Last year, many QA events and contributor mentoring days happened on several universities and gain popularity by recruiting contributors from those universities. As a result, we also want to spread the popularity among enthusiasts from our university. The event was to create an awareness and start the hype. Main objective of this event was to introduce A-Z of contribution in QA and get more contributors among interested.


The event starts early in the auditorium. I(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) started the event with the introduction of QA and its importance on IT sector. But first, I took a brief discussion on Mozilla’s Missions and how to check updates via mailing list. On the QA session, I overdone the whole steps with the help of slide presentation. Index of QA session were…

* Definition of Bugs
* Intro to QA
* How to file a Bug
* Bug Life Cycle
* Firefox Release Channels
* Triaging and Verification
* Intro to One & Done
* Intro to Moztrap

Here’s the link of slide presentation:


Meanwhile in the middle of my session breaks, Asif Raihan, Salman Rahman Desh and Anisur Rahman took ice-breaking sessions for recreation. Also Salman presented some intro session like

* Intro to Firefox Student Ambassador
* Debut to Tech Speakers
* My experience as a Mozillian
* Latest Updates of Mozilla’s new goal

Anisur Rahman also took a brief session about MDN and how to contribute here. At the end of my session, Nazmus Sakib Robin‘s inspirational speech and Asma Swapna‘s experience on Leadership Summit took the spotlight of the event.


On the feedback session, many of the participants raise their hands to contribute to QA platform. At a result, we announce a workshop on QA with enthusiasts on the next month. They also participate in Q&A sessions where they ask about IoT, web development, SuMo and so on.

You can find the event pictures here:

Contributor Mentoring Day at AIUB 2K15 — December 12, 2015

Contributor Mentoring Day at AIUB 2K15

After a long hibernation, ‘Firefox at AIUB’ launches a magnificent event to waken up the activities in our university. It was held on 10th December, 2015 at American International University – Bangladesh. It was a close event with 30 new enthusiastic participants. We intentionally invite few but interested students with a vision to convert them as core contributors because we believe in quality instead of quantity. The objective of this event is to inform them about Mozilla’s mission and visions and their major projects so that they can decide which pathway is the best for contribution according to their ability.

The event starts by Md Anisur Rahman talking about ‘Intro to Mozilla’. He introduces Mozilla’s main objective which is to promote Openness, Innovations & Opportunity on the web. Then he talks about ‘Volunteering & Recognition’ and ‘Communication Channels’. Here, he explain how a volunteer can be recognized globally through contribution on Mozilla’s projects and how to get latest updates and feedback on community channels.

23021738184_f1f4a03c59_zAfter he finishes, Salman Rahman Desh takes the opportunity and talks about ‘Intro to Firefox Browser’. Here, he discusses about Nightly, Developer Edition(Aurora) and Beta version of Firefox and introduces Firefox for Android + iOS. Through this session, students fully understand the differences between three types of browsers and also learn latest features.

23021701934_322647654f_zThen me, Khalid Syfullah Zaman talks about ‘Mozilla QA’. I introduce the definition of ‘BUG’, the importance of QA and how QA contributors work through bug triaging and verification.

After that, Asif Raihan talks about ‘Webmaker’ and ‘Teach the Web’. He discusses about web literacy and the functions of Mozilla club.

Then, Mahbub Alam Papun talks about ‘Support Mozilla(SuMo)’. He discusses about different activities of Sumo and instruct how to get involved in this pathway. Then I again talk about ‘Localization’, difference between Translation and Localization, Localize tools and how to get involved in it.

After 30 minutes of snacks break, Salman Rahman Desh again take session about ‘Firefox OS’. He explains how easy to make apps for Firefox OS with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He also discusses about Firefox OS versions, B2GDroid and Foxfooding. Md Anisur Rahman takes the final session about ‘Mozilla Developer Network(MDN)’ and ‘Firefox Student Ambassador(FSA)’. He introduces the way of promoting Mozilla’s projects and products as FSA and through FSA club.

After taking all sessions, ‘Club Activity and Q&A’ took part. We share our mission to increase members of our clubs. On Q&A session, participants get swags by answering our questions.

As a tradition of Mozilla event, we took selfies with participants and a group photos. Now participants fully understand where and how to contribute to their desire pathways. From this day, we shall organize workshops on a particular platform where maximum students shows interest in it.

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Photos: Contributor Mentoring Day at AIUB 2K15

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