WebVR @ IIUC — January 27, 2017


Greetings Mozillians from around the world!

After a minor absent from blogging, I emerge myself to tell all of you about a fruitful event occurred on 20th January 2017. As we know, ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ have already formed web-based virtual reality event in Dhaka and wanted to spread this new technology to other district. So, the second event authorized in the largest of the eight administrative divisions of Bangladesh; Chittagong. With the help of ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ community, IEEE WIE AG and Computer Club – IIUC together organized an introductory seminar on WebVR at Islamic International University, Chittagong(IICU). Cool fact was seminar specially organized for female students and maximum of them were pretty much enthusiast about webVR.

The seminar started by reciting a part from Holy Al-Quran and Then Mrs. Shahnaj Parvin – The Honorable Faculty of Computer Science Department of IIUC gave a basic concept about VR technology. She thanked ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ community to take such an initiatives and then requested to start the seminar. The seminar was full of technical information with hands-on examples and demos. Salman Rahman Desh cover up the whole concept of ‘a-frame’ – a web framework for building virtual reality experience, how to use it, all the basic primitives, entity-component system, basic concept about metaverse, browser supported for webVR, about suitable VR-Box and controllers to use and so no. He highlighted to get basic knowledge on HTML, JavaScript and Computer Graphics for better understanding and for better productivity.

After his session I added two more primitives which can display 360 degree images and videos. Then I step-by-step showed the usability of primitives, component and by the help of ‘A-Frame Inspector’ through a project which I’ve been working on.

After that, senior Mozillian and the Honorable Lecturer of IIUC, Md Eftekhar Alam also took session about Mozilla’s mission and vision, his past involvement and activities of Chittagong Mozillians and finally a clear cut idea about contributing to Mozilla. After taking all the sessions, Mrs. Shahnaj Parvin mam gave three phenomenal students(‘Kazi Rifah Noor’, ‘Akefar Islam’ & ‘Jannatul Naim Riva’) for their admirable support and their hard-work for organizing this event. At the end of the event, participants experienced virtual environment through VB Box. We also had 10-minutes Q&A where most of them had questions on how to make dynamic projects, how to make it more interactive and so on.

A huge round of applause to the honorable Faculties and Students of  International Islamic University – Chittagong as well as the members of IEEE IIUC Student Branch WIE Affinity Group and Computer Club – IIUC. And not to forget Mohammad Naim Uddin, he truly support on logistics. From my experience, girls from IIUC showed more enthusiasm than any other varsities on this technical topic(cheers to that!). They have the potential to use it for their own developments. It’s a pleasure to met such eccentric students and I pray that they adopt webVR through self-study.

More Blog: https://goo.gl/fOlT80
Event Photos: https://flic.kr/s/aHskMqHcCb

MozCoffee at AIUB 2K16 — October 9, 2016

MozCoffee at AIUB 2K16

Unlike every year, researchers continuously bringing new concepts, tools, features that with no doubt making the web more open & transparent and also building the Firefox browser more accessible. Among many projects, some of them unable to reach their true potential. On the other hand, ‘Electrolysis’, ‘Widevine support’, ‘Narrator’ shows much promising result which helps in gaining serious speed and reliability. Although it’s not official, but I do believe ‘Servo Engine’, ‘Rust’, ‘WebVR’, ‘L20n’, web compatibility etc may show its up-and-coming breakthrough in upcoming year. And as for the contributors, our major responsibility is to be a part in it. In Bangladesh, many contributors mostly step-back on major pathways for the lack of proper guidance. Sometimes, they quit addressing that it’s a total waste of time and move on. By seeing all the facts, new recruitment through MozCoffee were organized pointing only one objective which is engage newcomers into their desire pathways, pathway which is suitable for their interest.

On 4th October 2015, ‘Firefox at AIUB’ met with 25 participants in Galesia Hotel & Resort ltd. for introducing & inspiring the newcomers to engage in different pathways of Mozilla. On this day, formal club lead, Asif Raihan step-down from his post and announced my name(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) as a new club lead with Co-Club Lead, Mahbub Alam Papun and Club Lead Peer, Nazmus Shakib Robin with 5 more members on separate position(such as Logistic, Social Awareness and Diversity) hoping for an effective functional team for upcoming months.

As I said before, this event was full on new recruitment and proper induction on different pathways. Contributors from ‘Firefox at AIUB’ took sessions on manifesto, latest updates on mozGirls, Mozilla QA, Sumo, Tech Speakers, how to step into Rust, Code contributions, updates on l10n and so on. You will find full details here.

Looking for tweets and posts about MozCoffee? You may find on #MozCoffeeAIUB2k16.

Event portal and Photos are up-to-date.

Wiki page: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Firefox_at_AIUB

Mozilla l10n Indic Hackathon —

Mozilla l10n Indic Hackathon

Greetings from around the world! After so long(almost two weeks later), I’m ready to write a blog on a particular event which gave me a chance to explore culture outside of my country, gave me an opportunity to meet with other communities in person and also gave me a chance on deeper learning on localization. I’m talking about a l10n hackathon which was held in New Delhi, India.

So how I ended up here?

I have been contributing to Mozilla for the last two years and engaged on several pathways(like Firefox OS, Webmaker, Tech Speakers and so on). Among them, l10n seems challenging for me because while localizing, I have to aware not to kill the language, not to overdo it, even not to change brand/product name into local. From time to time, I localized a great number of strings through ‘Pootle’ which gave me courage to participate on localizing ‘web literacy Basic 1’ curriculum!
On first week of August, ‘locale leader’ from ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ community knock me through phone a sudden. He deliver the great news about the selection for attending ‘Mozilla l10n Indic Hackathon’. I never thought my long term effort on l10n would pay them a visit. So I accept the invitation, start packing a week earlier and prepare myself for the big day.

On the eve of Hackathon:

(You can check wiki for short recap)

On September 24-25, l10n-drivers Jeff Beatty and Axel Hecht met with 25 participants from 6 different communities in New Delhi (India) for 2 days of localization hacking. The day started with a joint session with FUEL GILT conference 2016 at The Suryaa New Delhi. I came to know that, ‘FUEL project’ is an open source project which empowers technology enablers with linguistic and technical resources and offers a reference standard for various localization practices.

Fuel Gilt Conference 2016

After the joint session, ‘Mozilla l10n Hackathon’ kicks off with welcome & spectrograms session by Jeff and Axel. They asked us some particular questions and in spite of that, the room was divided into three parts where the localizers were asked to move around and stand in a place accordingly whether they agree or disagree or he/she is in neutral. Jeff later asked the formed group of localizers for the reason why they have chose this answer. The group gave their views and shared their ideas for the given specific question.

Then, Jeff gave a recap about l10n updates on MozLondon. The updates follow as:-

  • ‘Review of l10n release gates’ – which majority indicates that localizers no longer need to sign-off on changesets in the dashboard to ship l10n updates for their products. In fact, l10n-drivers will take on the responsibility of initiating and performing sign-off reviews for all locales on mozilla-aurora and mozilla-beta.
  • An overview on ‘L20n’ – a new localization framework developed by Mozilla which allows localizers to put small bits of logic into localization resources to codify the grammar of the language. You can find all details on http://l20n.org/
  • Finally, ‘Cross-channel localization’ – The main idea here is that to empower localizers to have more control over updating localizations across multiple channels, including release, outside of the regular release schedule by reinforcing the l10n-central, mozilla-aurora, mozilla-beta, and mozilla-release directories within each locale repo to one.

On afternoon session, Jeff advised the localizers to prepare the style guides and to accomplish the goals which each team has set to do in this hackathon. He also shared a sample style guide to prepare their own style guide which concentrates on the quality of translations. On rest of the day, everyone were involved in creating their style guides. Localizers who had doubts and further questions regarding l10n quality planning had a discussion with Jeff and Axel.

On Day-2, hackathon breaks down by showing brief demonstration on translation tool ‘Pootle’, Axel shared chat channel & github repository for further discussion on ‘Pootle’, a search translation tool referred as ‘Mozilla Transvision’ and tutorial & training planning for new localizers. Ryan Northey, Lead Developer of Translate House demonstrate new tips on how to use ‘Pootle’.

After that, Jeff gave us a tour on transvision from top to bottom. He also manifested how the localizers may test and verify strings on multiple channels. For the rest of the day, we did some review on pending translation suggestions, completed untranslated strings, update our wiki pages. Before the event gets wrap up with a memorable group photo, Jeff passed on the survey link where everyone were asked to take the survey.

Group Photo with ‘Fuel Gilt Conference 2016’ participants & speakers
Group Photo with Mozilla l10n contributors

Breakthrough of ‘bn-BD’ in Hackathon:

This year’s hackathon was a genuine progress as well as fruitful voyage for further improvements of Bangladeshi localizers. Full details of our progress can be found in here, but still some key points of what we accomplished is worth noticeable. We…

  • Created a Localization Style Guide for the bn-BD locale.
  • Planned for localizers recruitment and promotional activities for next 6 months
  • Planned for l10n community meetup in January 2017
  • Launched bn-BD l10n team logo
  • Learned about Transvision tool to identify inconsistencies and errors
Work all day long to fulfill our goals
Late nights haven’t gave us any rest…

My Experience:

Honestly, I would say it was a weekend to remember. With no doubt, I’ve learned a lot of things through hackathon as well as meet with contributors from other communities.

‘Biraj Karmakar’ from Mozilla Kolkata
Snap-shot with ‘Mozilla Sri-Lanka’s l10n team



‘bn-BD’ team with Ryan Northey

Besides workshop, it’s not like I have gone through hell on this weekend. :p I do experience the beauty of India. We keep ourselves tide up of sightseeing when we had time. I especially enjoyed the indian food and their service were beyond astonishing.


Overall, this opportunity give me a push to engage with localization in near future.

Mozilla Bangladesh Second Mid-Term Planning 2016 — August 20, 2016

Mozilla Bangladesh Second Mid-Term Planning 2016

Midterm Planning is an idea for highlighting all the major activities done by the whole community as one entity in recent year and what can be done in the future years. It is a perfect demonstration for the participants to learn about Mozilla Mission, about their local community and learn the Mozilla way of planning things. We had our first midterm planning referred as “MozCoffee”. There, all the enthusiast contributors from different pathway planned all the objectives for the next 6 months. All the agendas can be found on the 1st half etherpad. Now, those 6 months have ended and we need to prepare for the 2nd term.

Group Photo from 1st Midterm Planning referred as “MozCoffee Dhaka MeetUp 2016”

So on July 29, 2016, “Mozilla Bangladesh” organized an event only for interested and core contributors to get together for a better plan to restructure Mozilla’s mission and find a proper way to introduce the Open Web to the people of Bangladesh. The event starts with a proper introduction of the participants and things get more interesting when they were told to tag someone who barely knows each other. It was a fun session to build up more interaction with each and every participants.


Then Anisur Rahman begins his subject about how to create open discussion on GitHub. The reason is that some participants thinks that they need to know at least an intermediate knowledge on coding to fully acknowledge GitHub and It was mandatory to clear this misunderstanding. Anisur Rahman briefly exhibits how a participant can create a new issue and share his/her plannings to the whole community members.


After that, Anisur Rahman move on to the next topic, which is showing what outcomes we achieved from 1st half planning. Every leader from their respective pathways shared their objectives what they have accomplished and what they don’t. What we didn’t accomplish has moved to the 2nd midterm planning. Following that topic, everyone was told to plan for the next 6 months hoping to be able to complete those within this half of the year along with the new objectives. Different pathway such as l10n, Tech Speakers, SuMo, QA, MozGirls and MDN were fully focused on their plannings.

On final hour, Mahay Alam Khan(a.k.a. MAK vai) gave a motivational speech about Mozilla manifesto. He distinctly describe each of the point of the manifest and the purposes. Each leader were requested to update their new objectives and plannings on GitHub.

tweets!! tweets!! tweets!! All the tweets will be found on #mozilla2ndMidPlan. Event agendas and photos are provided below.

Etherpad Link: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/mozillabd-second-midterm-planning-2016

Flickr Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/papunmozilla/sets/72157671722496685

Bugathon — May 27, 2016


Quality Assurance – the activity of checking goods or services to make sure that they are good. It is an activity to check whether the actual results match the expected results and to ensure that the product is defect free. If I only describe against software development perspective, it is an equal influential topic side by side with ‘Front End’, ‘Back End’, UI/UX Designing and so on. It is needed to enable success, to attain the excellence required to go to that new, next level of management. Over a year, ‘Mozilla QA Bangladesh’ community has prominent to other communities around the world by watching bugs coming to different components and by helping Firefox Engineers to get them into shape. Thanks to Hossain Al Ikram to take such initiative to base its popularity among undergraduate students in Bangladesh.

A year earlier, we were all Rookies!! We don’t even know the terms such as ‘Test Cases’, ‘Manual Testing’, ‘Automation Testing’ and so on we haven’t met yet. Bit-by-bit we learn how to file bugs, verify bug files, do test cases, about bug life cycle. We also came to learn about some of the first-rate features which makes the usability of Firefox browser so comfortable. And through so many contributions, our community got bigger. On this ONE year, I met with many dedicated and enthusiast people who want to help pushing Firefox and Open Web forward. This past year, Community arranged a great number of events on various universities to teach and aware about Firefox QE. But the last event was a special kind for the contributors who engaged with Mozilla QA from the beginning.

You might wonder what ‘Bugathon’ or ‘Bug Marathon’ means? From my point of view, it’s a get-together for QA enthusiasts and contributors to meet each other in person, learn new tricks, acknowledge with past and upcoming activities and sharing some recommended faces as a recognition of their recent hard work. The event was held for two days at Independent University Bangladesh(IUB).


The first day of the event starts 20th May 2016 at IUB auditorium. Day 1 was all about learning previous and new tricks. Hossain Al Ikram starts the introductory part by welcoming all participants and contributors. Then one-by-one, mentors of Mozilla QA Bangladesh presented topics like how to open a new profile, how to do test cases, Firefox release channels, Bug Life cycle, Bugzilla and BTS, Build downloading, importance of creating new profiles for testing and finally talked about Bugs. As a mentor, I described various Firefox channels, their development time period and purposes of those channels. After all the sessions, participants and contributors got a clear knowledge about all of it. They got a clear concept about STR, AR and ER. And also about reproducing bugs on nightly, on other Firefox channels and in competing browser before filing a bug. More effective part was active contributors and mentors showed verification by reproducing on reported and latest builds. And then Day 1 ended with a group photo.



During my presentation, one of the contributor Saddam Hossain videoed it. I couldn’t help myself sharing here. 🙂


Second day begins with cyclone ‘Roanu’, but it didn’t stop all participants to attend the event. Day begins with a community call with Mike Hoye, the engineering community manager of Firefox. He was very pleased to see a bunch of anxious participators who want to help Firefox browser better. Mike Hoye thanked the community for such a dedication. Also he told a sneak peak about the new program called ‘Test Pilot’ and invite to give feedback on three new features.


After that, a detailed description of Bugzilla like user story, attachments, QA whiteboard were presented. Also showed the value of target milestone, tracking flags, description of components, version and platform. After the end of all sessions, it was time of recognition and fun session!

Second Day was fully focused on recognition of contributors who contributed on past months. I have seen the joyous reactions of contributors when they recognized with swags. The lines of swag will always be inspirational among contributors. It says like this:
“This isn’t your average piece of company gear. Just like us, it’s different by design. It says that you support our efforts to put the power of the Web in people’s hands and shape it for the good of users everywhere. Wear it, use it or display it proudly”

Everyone had their moments with photo-frame


selfies with their buddies
IMG_20160527_060931and of course, group photos. 13236078_1105570956153122_55981062_n

‘Bug Marathon Dhaka’ truly a special kind of event for QA contributors. Continuous community calls were arranged before the event to make it more successful and effective.


Meraj Kazi and Asif Mahmud Shuvo really showed their effort by making photo-frame and placards.


Rezaul Huque Nayeem, Raahim UL Islam Rift, Ehsanul Hassan, Towkir Ahmed – these guys committed their full support on logistics and designing.

So I thanked the organization team for their tough grind to make it a memorable days. And by default, special thanks to Hossain Al Ikram for making this event fruitful.

Introduction to Feature Testing at AIUB — April 9, 2016

Introduction to Feature Testing at AIUB

‘Feature Testing’- which is a test set for testing new or existing feature of the product is consider as an onset process to step into ‘Mozilla QA’ platform. Students who show enthusiasm in QA platform usually begin their journey as a QA contributor through feature testing. So to present its continuation to the students of our university, fellow Mozillians and FSAs of ‘Firefox at AIUB‘ organized an introductory workshop which is a followup event of ‘Introduction to QA‘.

25689113453_6a4500c493_kThe event was held on 7th April 2016 at ‘American International University – Bangladesh’ as I(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) along with Asif Raihan and Anisur Rahman was host of this event. The event starts with demonstration of what actually ‘feature testing’ is and why it is important? Then participants introduce to some major features of Firefox browser. Then they grasp step-by-step procedures of downloading latest channels from Firefox archive, creating clean profile for testing, understand test cases and how to reproduce those steps and most important, it a test case fails then how to file it on Bugzilla. ‘A to Z of QA’ and ‘Bug Writing Guidelines’ were also provided as additional resource so they can understand it properly.

25687418294_a51c0b4271_kAfter that, all participant perform workshop on ‘Unified Autocomplete’ which was an easy and understandable for beginner. The event got more recreational when Mahbub Alam Papun and Asif Raihan accompany participants with fun session.



Outcome and feedback from participants showed positive. Many of them showed interest to contribute in ‘Mozilla QA’. From this workshop, they will surely participate on upcoming future testdays.

Flickr link: https://flic.kr/s/aHskxRWrKh

The Followup Event of “Tech Speaker” — March 26, 2016

The Followup Event of “Tech Speaker”

(First, let’s have a hug around of a pulse for ‘NewsCred, Dhaka’ who again sponsor our event.)

‘Tech Speaker v2.0’ took place on 25th March, 2016 at ‘NewsCred, Dhaka’ which was a followup event of ‘Tech Speaker v1.0’. Before we hive into it, let’s have a recap on what we did so far on previous event.

  • On previous event, we learned about Tech Speaker’s objectives, purpose and the importance of regional community.
  • We did learn full details on ‘TechSpeakers Curriculum’ and ‘Speaking Tips’.
  • Learned to identify ourselves by ‘SWOT analysis’.
  • Participated on ‘Team-wise Public Speaking’ and ‘Free Speech’ session.

[Here’s ‘Tech Speaker v1.0’ blog for more details]

In this event, it was fully focused on ‘Storytelling’ method where participants need to present a technological substance which was an essential part of his/her real life on some point.

Describing major problems while speaking

At the beginning of the event, Salman Rahman Desh shared the major mistake that speakers often do unconsciously; which is “um”, ”Ah”, “mhm”, “ooh”, “You Know” while speaking. The only solution is to ‘Cough’ when this happened. Also speaking errors can be solve by taking enough pause, avoid talking too fast, show a little attitude to motivate yourself(Not to Show Off). After that, previous participants team-up with new participants to mentor them about ‘Free Speech’ for around 10 minutes and then they present it with time limitation around 2 minutes. While preparing,  Some of them wrote key-points of their presentation which was a great strategy.

Then, Salman Rahman Desh showed the strategy to prepare the topics, how to select key-points and after that notify participants to prepare for ‘Storytelling’ session. Each participants were fully engaged to take key-points and resource of their selected topics. After lunch, one by one present their 10 minutes speech. A good number of life experience topics were presented such as ‘Impact of Social Media in my life’, ‘Weather Forecasting’, ‘Proper use of Google Hangout’, ‘What I found from Mozilla’, ‘Online Gaming’, ‘First introduce to Internet’ and so on.


Participants showed much dedication on public speaking and within a few days, they will be ready for formal speech. This sessions will surely develop critical thinking skills, fine-tuning verbal and nonverbal skills and most importantly they will overcome fear of public speaking.


Etherpad Link: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/remo-tech-speaker-v2-0
Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsktF1r5h
Reps Portal: https://reps.mozilla.org/e/tech-speaker-v2-0/

First Ever “Tech Speaker” Event — March 16, 2016

First Ever “Tech Speaker” Event

For the first time ever, ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ with the sponsorship of ‘NewsCred Dhaka‘ organize an event to develop a strong community-driven technical speaker development program called ‘Tech Speaker v1.0‘. But before going further, let me give you a blunt definition of ‘Tech Speaker’.

What is Tech Speaker?
Tech Speaker is a program where a person learns about his/her technical topic of interest, tries to understand basic outlines and elaborately present it to the audience where they get the full scenario of that topic. In simple, Tech Speaker is the one who give speech on tech related topics but that person must carry some skilful speaking qualities to interact with audience. The purpose of this program is to increase developer awareness and adoption of Mozilla products and the Open Web as a platform.


On 11th March 2016, one of Mozilla Bangladesh’s Representative and renowned contributor Salman Rahman Desh took the initiative to build a better tech speaking group in regional community. The event held at ‘NewsCred Dhaka’.

The Participants

It’s a closed event with enthusiasts on public speaking so the participants were like 8 to 10. It was intentionally originated only to get feedback from selected participants about this program. After everyone’s arrival, Salman begins his session by elaborating Mozilla’s new program ‘Tech Speaker’, it’s purposes, outcome, why it is important and of course, what impacts they can push on to Mozilla Bangladesh community.

Explaining ‘Tech Speaker’

After explaining the full plot, he goes ahead with brief discussion on ‘TechSpeakers Curriculum‘ and ‘Speaking Tips‘. He part-by-part explains about content development and speaking practice which is mostly resourceful(You’ll find these content on Mozilla Wiki). Through this context, it manifest how a speaker act at the time of seminar like he/she is a PRO of his/her given topic and how it gains full control on audience’s thinking, how to manipulate through that topic, how to technically avoid deeper questions from geeky audience if you don’t know the answers.

Before he hand over tasks to the participants, he shared a method there a person can sort out his/her true nature through identifying ‘Strength’, ‘Weakness’, ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Threats’ which is called “SWOT ANALYSIS”. The purpose is to team up a 2-member group whose strength might be a cure to one’s weakness. Some participants find speech impediment; some fine fear, nervousness in the middle of presentation; other’s find comfort in making new friends, flexible in public speaking and so on.

After lunch break, participants gave around half an hour to choose a narrow topic and prepare for public speaking session. But before that, he showed a video “TEDx NewYork: How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk” which was hilarious.

Exif_JPEG_420Watching ‘TEDx NewYork: How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk’

Then after half an hour, each group present their speech with a time duration of 5 minutes. Other groups gave their feedback on other group’s presentation; what lacking were showing, how it can be improved and so on. And then back-to-back, we had individual ‘Free speech’ on topic which interest most. Everyone get 10 minutes to prepare and present it within 2 minutes. And finally, the event’s over with a group photo.


It was a great experience to learn some tips and tricks on public speaking. This kind of event should be initiated for the benefit of the contributors who already has the presence of mind on speaking. And also I would like to thanks “NewsCred Dhaka” to be a sponsor of this event.

NewsCred Dhaka

And thank you Salman Rahman Desh for launching such kind of event in Bangladesh.

You can see event photos on flickr as well…..

Introduction to QA at AIUB — February 13, 2016

Introduction to QA at AIUB

On 11th February 2016, FSA members of ‘Firefox at AIUB’ club organized an introductory event about Quality Assurance which is now a very popular platform for contributing. In developing products and services, Quality Assurance is any systematic process of checking to see whether a product or service being developed is meeting specified requirements. Last year, many QA events and contributor mentoring days happened on several universities and gain popularity by recruiting contributors from those universities. As a result, we also want to spread the popularity among enthusiasts from our university. The event was to create an awareness and start the hype. Main objective of this event was to introduce A-Z of contribution in QA and get more contributors among interested.


The event starts early in the auditorium. I(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) started the event with the introduction of QA and its importance on IT sector. But first, I took a brief discussion on Mozilla’s Missions and how to check updates via mailing list. On the QA session, I overdone the whole steps with the help of slide presentation. Index of QA session were…

* Definition of Bugs
* Intro to QA
* How to file a Bug
* Bug Life Cycle
* Firefox Release Channels
* Triaging and Verification
* Intro to One & Done
* Intro to Moztrap

Here’s the link of slide presentation: http://goo.gl/C3Q0xQ


Meanwhile in the middle of my session breaks, Asif Raihan, Salman Rahman Desh and Anisur Rahman took ice-breaking sessions for recreation. Also Salman presented some intro session like

* Intro to Firefox Student Ambassador
* Debut to Tech Speakers
* My experience as a Mozillian
* Latest Updates of Mozilla’s new goal

Anisur Rahman also took a brief session about MDN and how to contribute here. At the end of my session, Nazmus Sakib Robin‘s inspirational speech and Asma Swapna‘s experience on Leadership Summit took the spotlight of the event.


On the feedback session, many of the participants raise their hands to contribute to QA platform. At a result, we announce a workshop on QA with enthusiasts on the next month. They also participate in Q&A sessions where they ask about IoT, web development, SuMo and so on.

You can find the event pictures here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskqTa1hq

Privacy Talk @ AIUB — February 6, 2016

Privacy Talk @ AIUB

Let’s assume you are online and you provide information about yourself almost every step of the way. This information may need to give when completing a survey, performing transaction procedures, online shopping or even it may concede as social status. Weeks later, some online advertises will pop-up to your screen showing you some brands, facilities, accessories based on your habits and interests. Now how the hell they know about your habits? Isn’t a bit creepy to think that they somehow watching you? Personal data collection is the key commodity. You are no longer an individual. You are a data cluster bound to a vast global network. When you add your personal information(intentionally or unintentionally) , you are leaving a ‘data trail’ which somehow helps the advertisers and third-party providers to detect your personality. For that your online activities may compromise your privacy. If I think about worst case scenario, your given data could be turn against you, not just self products but the influence your worldview.


Privacy is the main concern for everyone specially the users of the web. To be a proactive about your privacy and build awareness to people, Mozilla Bangladesh also celebrated International Data Privacy Day by organizing Privacy Week which is inspired by Mozilla India’s January Privacy Month Campaign! On that week, many universities(in Dhaka and outside Dhaka) organize a small event to talk about privacy to the fellow students. Based on the criteria of the privacy week, Firefox at AIUB also organize a privacy awareness event named ‘Privacy Talk @ AIUB’.


The event was held on 4 February, 2016 at American International University-Bangladesh. The objective of this event is to give awareness about online privacy, how to detect which website’s tracking, how to get extra precautions and to spread this awareness to their friends and family.
The event starts with a small introduction to Mozilla and its missions. Then Asif Raihan start-off the privacy talk. He shared his personal experience regarding ‘online profiling’, ‘data trail’ and how a Facebook account hack because of unconcerned activities. He shared a true story about a girl who unintentionally leave her Facebook account logged in and an anonymous student took the advantage of it. Later on, Tanvir Ahmed also share his story about a fake Facebook like page which was taking people’s personal data through a form by announcing false offers.

24815442405_3a51b77b2a_k24447819969_f18882cdd9_k24721911331_bf1916d70f_k24697563912_e176d7d44a_kAfter that, I showed lightbeam, an add-on for Firefox that displays third party tracking cookies placed on the user’s computer while visiting various websites. I point out the whole details on how to use it and how to block site with lightbeam. Also encouraged them to browse with Private Browser.

24519831580_a6c777b0e0_kThen, Asif Raihan divided all attendees into four groups to brainstorm and found out the major problems regarding privacy. Two members from each of the groups presented their ideas.

At the end of the event, Anisur Rahman and Salman Rahman Desh coached participators to support privacy week via Privacy Week Avatar and build awareness to their friends and relatives.

Flickr Link: https://flic.kr/s/aHskt9SX1b