Mozilla Bangladesh Second Mid-Term Planning 2016 — August 20, 2016

Mozilla Bangladesh Second Mid-Term Planning 2016

Midterm Planning is an idea for highlighting all the major activities done by the whole community as one entity in recent year and what can be done in the future years. It is a perfect demonstration for the participants to learn about Mozilla Mission, about their local community and learn the Mozilla way of planning things. We had our first midterm planning referred as “MozCoffee”. There, all the enthusiast contributors from different pathway planned all the objectives for the next 6 months. All the agendas can be found on the 1st half etherpad. Now, those 6 months have ended and we need to prepare for the 2nd term.

Group Photo from 1st Midterm Planning referred as “MozCoffee Dhaka MeetUp 2016”

So on July 29, 2016, “Mozilla Bangladesh” organized an event only for interested and core contributors to get together for a better plan to restructure Mozilla’s mission and find a proper way to introduce the Open Web to the people of Bangladesh. The event starts with a proper introduction of the participants and things get more interesting when they were told to tag someone who barely knows each other. It was a fun session to build up more interaction with each and every participants.


Then Anisur Rahman begins his subject about how to create open discussion on GitHub. The reason is that some participants thinks that they need to know at least an intermediate knowledge on coding to fully acknowledge GitHub and It was mandatory to clear this misunderstanding. Anisur Rahman briefly exhibits how a participant can create a new issue and share his/her plannings to the whole community members.


After that, Anisur Rahman move on to the next topic, which is showing what outcomes we achieved from 1st half planning. Every leader from their respective pathways shared their objectives what they have accomplished and what they don’t. What we didn’t accomplish has moved to the 2nd midterm planning. Following that topic, everyone was told to plan for the next 6 months hoping to be able to complete those within this half of the year along with the new objectives. Different pathway such as l10n, Tech Speakers, SuMo, QA, MozGirls and MDN were fully focused on their plannings.

On final hour, Mahay Alam Khan(a.k.a. MAK vai) gave a motivational speech about Mozilla manifesto. He distinctly describe each of the point of the manifest and the purposes. Each leader were requested to update their new objectives and plannings on GitHub.

tweets!! tweets!! tweets!! All the tweets will be found on #mozilla2ndMidPlan. Event agendas and photos are provided below.

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