Privacy Talk @ AIUB — February 6, 2016

Privacy Talk @ AIUB

Let’s assume you are online and you provide information about yourself almost every step of the way. This information may need to give when completing a survey, performing transaction procedures, online shopping or even it may concede as social status. Weeks later, some online advertises will pop-up to your screen showing you some brands, facilities, accessories based on your habits and interests. Now how the hell they know about your habits? Isn’t a bit creepy to think that they somehow watching you? Personal data collection is the key commodity. You are no longer an individual. You are a data cluster bound to a vast global network. When you add your personal information(intentionally or unintentionally) , you are leaving a ‘data trail’ which somehow helps the advertisers and third-party providers to detect your personality. For that your online activities may compromise your privacy. If I think about worst case scenario, your given data could be turn against you, not just self products but the influence your worldview.


Privacy is the main concern for everyone specially the users of the web. To be a proactive about your privacy and build awareness to people, Mozilla Bangladesh also celebrated International Data Privacy Day by organizing Privacy Week which is inspired by Mozilla India’s January Privacy Month Campaign! On that week, many universities(in Dhaka and outside Dhaka) organize a small event to talk about privacy to the fellow students. Based on the criteria of the privacy week, Firefox at AIUB also organize a privacy awareness event named ‘Privacy Talk @ AIUB’.


The event was held on 4 February, 2016 at American International University-Bangladesh. The objective of this event is to give awareness about online privacy, how to detect which website’s tracking, how to get extra precautions and to spread this awareness to their friends and family.
The event starts with a small introduction to Mozilla and its missions. Then Asif Raihan start-off the privacy talk. He shared his personal experience regarding ‘online profiling’, ‘data trail’ and how a Facebook account hack because of unconcerned activities. He shared a true story about a girl who unintentionally leave her Facebook account logged in and an anonymous student took the advantage of it. Later on, Tanvir Ahmed also share his story about a fake Facebook like page which was taking people’s personal data through a form by announcing false offers.

24815442405_3a51b77b2a_k24447819969_f18882cdd9_k24721911331_bf1916d70f_k24697563912_e176d7d44a_kAfter that, I showed lightbeam, an add-on for Firefox that displays third party tracking cookies placed on the user’s computer while visiting various websites. I point out the whole details on how to use it and how to block site with lightbeam. Also encouraged them to browse with Private Browser.

24519831580_a6c777b0e0_kThen, Asif Raihan divided all attendees into four groups to brainstorm and found out the major problems regarding privacy. Two members from each of the groups presented their ideas.

At the end of the event, Anisur Rahman and Salman Rahman Desh coached participators to support privacy week via Privacy Week Avatar and build awareness to their friends and relatives.

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