Mozilla Bangladesh Hoodie — January 29, 2016

Mozilla Bangladesh Hoodie

From 1998, Mozilla Community pursue their effort to promote and support open web. Their main mission, which is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the web motivates the youth of 21st century to build a platform where everyone is equal. And who shows love to the open web joins to the community as Mozillian and spread the openness to their region. To empower and reward Mozillians by enabling them to be strong advocates, Mozilla Foundation came up with ‘Gear’ concept to make a statement of their dedication to building a better web. As a result, many contributors around the world proudly represent themselves as a part of a big Mozilla project. Since the idea undoubtedly punches its goal, then we thought why not making our own region focused gear?

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For last two years, we’ve been regulating to make few t-shirts for regional events. But we could never gather the courage till this month for bigger appeal which is hoodie. Last year though due to no experience, lack of management, communication and material we had to drop the ‘Hoodie’ project off. But this year, we were desperate to make this happen into reality.

Mozilla Bangladesh Hoodie Demo Preview

This blog is all about my conduction on this project and my joyous affection to have it successful.

On the 1st week of November 2015, Mahbub Alam Papun suddenly reminded us about the urgency of Mozilla Bangladesh Hoodie. But we weren’t mentally prepare on making it because of our last year’s failure. Then at the end of the month, Mahir Labib Chowdhury personally consulted with Mahay Alam Khan about the project and came up with a decision that we should at least give it a try.

Later on December, on status I found out that Promi Nahid from ‘Zero Degree Communication’ is going to help us on this project. Mahay Alam Khan summoned me to take the responsibility. I was quite worried and skeptical on doing it because I’ve never contributed on management site. Well I somehow took it!

We did consult with many members who were also involved in this project to help by suggesting or any way possible. After many discussion, we decided the color of the hoodie would be ‘Dark Gray’ and design would be ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ on back and front left chest. We successfully managed to do that. We also managed to have it as a Zip Up Hoodie where zip color is ‘Dark Orange’. How cool is that!

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After everything is good to go, I created a form and shared it on social media giving only one week time to fill it up.  Every instruction were given in the form for which everyone didn’t face any major complications. More than 60 order requests came within a week which was astonishing. In fact, people from outside Dhaka were also showing interest on making Hoodies. After the deadline, order for hoodie were submitted to Promi Nahid and within four days, hoodies were completed. Promi Nahid showed us the demo before delivering the whole hoodies to me.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.52.10


Then my job for delivering hoodies to everyone begins after receiving those from production. Then me and Asif Raihan delivered to them who wanted the delivery service via ‘Sundarban Courier Service’ and maximum of them were from outside Dhaka city. But mainly it took us time to deliver within the Dhaka city because everyone wasn’t free or didn’t match the schedule to meet face-to-face. Finally, it took a week to deliver the whole hoodies.



As I was new about logistics management, I experienced a lot during this project which will come in handy. And honestly speaking! I personally underestimated our effort. I was in peace on that time when everybody was giving selfie with hoodie on social sites. Everyone was satisfied with it. But still I had to face some difficulties but that is nothing to comparing when I see more people were requesting for hoodies.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 11.07.39

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Even Brian King also appreciate and show the support to ‘Mozilla Bangladesh’ community

On this project, I would like to thank Mahay Alam Khan, Belayet Hossain and Ashickur Rahman Noor for advising and support. I also thank Anisur Rahman for preparing the clip-arts production ready within a very short notice. Again I thank Asif Raihan for helping me to deliver hoodies to outside Dhaka city. And a special thanks to Promi Nahid, we wouldn’t get the best quality hoodie without you.


It was a whole new experience and I had fun to do some good for the community. Because like we say, “Doing good is part of our Code.”