My Experience as a Firefox Student Ambassador — August 20, 2015

My Experience as a Firefox Student Ambassador

Hello World! I’m Khalid Syfullah Zaman, a mozillian and a FSA for a year. I was first introduce Firefox Student Ambassador through Salman Rahman Desh and then Ratul Minhaz fully describe the definition of it. From there I learned that FSA or Firefox Student Ambassador are those who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about many benefits of Firefox & other Mozilla products. These students are motivated to grow the Mozilla community and eager to educate others about Mozilla’s objectives.

Then I attend to Mozilla Contribution Day which was arranged at my university and from there I got introduce Mozilla through Mozilla Story. From there, I got the idea of mozilla’s mission and web literacy. Then they told mozilla’s various products and projects. I started contributing on webmaker and MDN, but mostly on webmaker.


Webmaker Profile:

MDN Profile:

Then I attended on Firefox OS App day which was the first App day in Bangladesh and there I created an app called “Jukebox”(later I changed the name to “Luminody”)


Here is my app on

Then I was in the organizing team of AIUB maker party 2014 which was the biggest maker party in Bangladesh. And I got my FSA maker party badge and it was my first badge.


FSA maker party badge:

I contribute to Digital World 2015 from Mozilla Foundation to showcase Mozilla’s projects and products.

I also got MDN starter badge for contributing on MDN and recently received Firefox Student Ambassador badge.

MDN starter badge:

Firefox Student Ambassador Badge:

Now I recently contributing on QMO and webmaker app for android.

webmaker project:

By contributing as a member of Mozilla Bangladesh community and a Firefox Student Ambassador, I experienced a lot. It encourages me to write blogs about events, made me creative by creating content via webmaker, grasped the procedures of making application for Firefox OS, showed the working process of quality assurance and how to report bugs in bugzilla and mostly it coached me to be commutative and to make friends. So I personally thanks to those people who support my contribution and give me the opportunity to subsidize on other pathways.

Finally I would like to add that, Once a Mozillian, always a Mozillian and I’m proud to be an active Mozillian.