My Experience About Mozilla Webmaker — July 25, 2015

My Experience About Mozilla Webmaker

Mozilla has launched a simple, non-complicated application for android that can be easily build personal contents which includes scrapbooks, photo galleries, memes, and comic stripes. A tool which a user can easily demonstrate their imagination, express their thoughts and create their memorable events backlogged as gallery album. Moreover, it has no lengthy instruction manuals, only has straightforward icons that can easily understand by a normal user. So without waiting, I finally downloaded and installed webmaker app and start creating.

You can install from here:

QR code of webmaker app
QR code of webmaker app

It’s an online app that first needs to create an account. You either log in(if you have webmaker account) or sign up. Then the application’s main page appears. On top, it has two options; ‘Discover’ and ‘Make’. On ‘Discover’, you can see various projects make by fellow users and mozillians. By viewing those projects, you can take ideas about what can be made with webmaker app. On ‘Make’, you can create a project. And a full and complete project, user can play and share it to friends and family.

My project was lengthy and informative and it’s about Bus Transportation System in Dhaka City named ‘Catch The Bus’. Webmaker has only 3 basic feature for now, which is text, image and navigator(button). With these features, I fully demonstrate the whole bus transport system such as buses names, routes & destinations. ‘text’ option has feature like font color, font family; ‘image’ has opacity feature that is very helpful to decorate. Since the whole project can be navigated by up-down and sideways sliding, still it has ‘navigator’ option for jump off to one page to another which is a good thing. The most unique thing I found that, pages can be arranged as chart or as diagram and has no limitation on pages, so user can easily (arrange) pages.

Project Link:

with link:
‘Catch the bus’ QR code

Webmaker is appropriate to display the ideas, even in beta version. Form my experience, it’s user-friendly, fully drag and drop with very customization and a great tool of personal content creating and sharing at the same time. Although it’s nearly driving towards the perfection, it’s surprisingly showed some unexpected factors which is not entirely disappointment but it needs to be solved. Firstly, it really needs ‘font size’ feature on ‘text’ option. Because longer information can’t fit through the whole page and even if it can shrink the whole text, it doesn’t fill up the page.

Secondly, if I set destination on button(showed in the picture), it automatically removes the button name and adds ‘button link’ by default. So, it would be better to set destination on ‘navigation’ option.

(maybe it’s a bug and I’ll report it ASAP)

Like I said, these are not major problems and will fix in no time. On the bright side, this application has brought something which simply referred as uncomplicated. I personally like webmaker app because of its simplicity and I invite you all to try this application.