MozCoffee @ AIUB — June 18, 2015

MozCoffee @ AIUB

MozCoffee – a small scale informal meetup where a report is given of recent activities and upcoming projects of a community as well as get new innovative ideas from fellow mozillians. It is a great way to contact face to face with other mozillians and to know them personally. This month is a season of MozCoffee in Bangladesh. For that, Mozilla Bangladesh community has decided to have multiple mozCoffee based on selected regional universities so that attendees won’t miss it. So, the mozillians have arrange MozCoffee for selected mozillians of American International University-Bangladesh.


MozCoffee was held in 16th June at Droom Cafe, Banani. It was a cloudy and fresh day to meet with fellow mozillians of our university. Everyone was arrived at 4:12pm and the meetup starts according to the agenda.

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MozCoffee starts with the introduction segment of the FSAs and also include the eagerness and curiosity to contribute on this open-source platform. Then they notify the upcoming Maker Party event and start-off the planning to organize this event in our university as well. They consulted with us about the plans of upcoming maker party, how it can be highlighted, what makes can we present in this event to other students. As they have organized Maker Party event in our university in previous Maker Party season, they wanted some unique and out-of-the-box ideas that can inspire the students to get involve with the concept of net neutrality. All the plans were noted down and confirmed it is applicable.

(In case if you don’t know about the previous Maker Party event at AIUB: )

After an hour, the organizers of the meetup gave us a surprise by inviting Laura De Reynal and Zobayer Ahmed Khan. Laura De Reynal is from Mozilla Foundation and is recently cast in Bangladesh for Webmaker App launching. She introduced the webmaker app and told us about the usability of this app, how it can be helped to simple users to their daily schedule. Zobayer Ahmed Khan is also involved in Webmaker App launching and he told us about the importance of localization. Since they were in a tight schedule, they hang out for a little amount of time. Before leaving, she request us to work with Webmaker App Beta version and also download the app which will release in 19th June.



Before leaving, we took a group photo with Laura De Reynal and Zobayer Ahmed Khan
Before leaving, we took a group photo with Laura De Reynal and Zobayer Ahmed Khan

After they left, they start the second point of the agenda which is to recruit new FSAs from our campus. They also request the female mozillian to increase the number of WoMoz in our campus. Then following the sequence of the agenda, they talked about net neutrality, web literacy, knowledge of open-source, how to see which website is tracking by using “Light Beam”, localizations and code base contribution. After that they finish up MozCoffee by showing the video of an open letter about ‘The Web we Want’.

This meetup was a refreshment to start working together to spread the knowledge of web proficiency among our campus. I truly believe that the selected mozillians will again gain the inspiration to contribute in any pathway which they feel comfortable about it.

Some snapshots of this meetup: