Webmaker Content Creation Workshop — June 12, 2015

Webmaker Content Creation Workshop

After a busy and successful “Mozilla Community Meet-Up Bangladesh” event, the community were eager to push forward to educate the simplicity of web literacy among the Bangladeshi web users. Since this years “Maker Party” is knocking at the door, it’s a good start out to promote the webmaker tools which is set up for android smart phone. For a year, Mozilla Foundation were working on a “Webmaker for android” project that not only non-technical users will build and customize applications in the most childlike way, but also users can utilize in their professional and personal life. And so, a workshop kickoff to support the perspective of the webmaker’s vision.

“Webmaker Content Creation Workshop” was held on 9th June 2015, at Bishwo Shahitto Kendro, Bangla Motor, Dhaka hosted by Laura De Raynal and Goutamraj Elango. Only those were participated who has android 4.4 kitkat or above versions. The event starts at 3:30pm. First Laura introduced the webmaker app through presentation slide. She showed the feature options and how it can be used.


Webmaker app is not fully released yet, it’s now in beta version. A user needs to install the app from https://mzl.la/webmaker-nightly. Then user needs to sign up or log in to webmaker account. In the front page, it has two options; one is ‘Discover’ and another is ‘Make’. On Discover, there are many samples that make by contributors around the world. To make your own app, user needs to tap ‘Make’ option and tap ‘Create a Project’. In the ‘Project’ section, the pages are briefly display so that user can easily navigate the pages. For now, it has only three major features in the page; text, image and navigation button. These three feature buttons can easily be customized according to users insistence.

After the demonstration of the webmaker app, Laura and Raj instruct the participants to submit the ideas that can be comfortably build with webmaker app. They instruct to sketch the ideas with pen-paper and present it within half an hour. After that time, everyone present their ideas with their sketch which is possible to make within the app. By the end of the workshop, Lauraand Raj request every participants to build their app within a week.

My Experience of the app:

Well, it’s comfortable, customizable and easy-to-use. It’s a great start to begin with three major features to build a informative app and to non-technical user, they need a informative app for their own purposes. I’m sure that Mozilla Foundation team will update and upgrade more and more features to frame the users needs.

For stable version: http://mzl.la/webmaker-release

For nightly version: http://mzl.la/webmaker-nightly

For more Pictures: http://tinyurl.com/pdc699k