Webmaker MeetUp: Planning for A Big Thing — January 11, 2015

Webmaker MeetUp: Planning for A Big Thing

It’s almost end of our winter vacation. Now everyone is preparing for a fresh start. Last year was full of excitement and motivation toward optimistic perception. This year presumes the adequation of astonishment when Bangladesh govt., A2I project and Mozilla Foundation organized a 3 days Boot Camp cooperated by Dnet, USAID, UNDP and also Mozilla declares partnership with Panasonic and firmly shocked us with a new project termed “My Home Screen 2.0”. With that influence to show the formation of the independent net experience towards the people of the world, we found a solid inspiration to prepare for that massive change.

So, we, the webmaker team recommended by Mozilla Bangladesh has decided to arrange a meetup to all mozillians and interested contributors to plan for this year’s upcoming events to teach the web in more friendly way.

IMG_0091 IMG_0093

Our meetup settled on 9th January at Rabindro Sorobor, Dhaka. Rifaz Nahiyan, Sashoto Seeam, Ishak Herock, Asif Raihan, Solaiman Alam, Salman Rahman Desh, Riju and Khalid Syfullah Zaman were the attendees of the meetup. As our objective is to organize this year’s biggest webmaker event, the presence of web literacy & Firefox products are vastly imperative. We want to spread the web literacy in a very simple way, more like to deliver less techie directives and focus on privacy and advantages of web literacy. As we learn from webmaker’s field report that people are not comfortable to use other web products except Facebook because of little digital literacy skills. So, our intension is to deliver the insight with pen-paper or with just a little puzzle game and inspire them to apply in their daily life by displaying other Mozilla projects, Firefox products and upcoming projects. Venue, budget, sponsor (if it’s mandatory) are not declared yet. But our intension is to settle on university where both inside and outsiders can be present in awareness of web literacy.

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We are absolute that it would be an outstanding ceremony if all things proceed according to plan. I have to remain that the plan is not finalize yet but it will enhance by other contributors cooperation.